The Death Hangout is a very special and humanistic place (non-religious and non-political).

We are a community of very like-minded people who believe death has a very useful function in our lives.

And no, not just to wipe us mercilessly from the face of the earth.

Yes! Death can also be a compass, a guide, or the best freakin’ life coach ever, allowing you to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Rather than ignore our mortality and pretend it is not there, we believe in openly thinking, chatting, and learning about it. Oh, and having fun along the way. Yes, so much fun…with Death in mind!

One thing we would like to assure you is, we are not morbid, depressed, nor suicidal…au contraire! We love life so much, so very much that we believe it shouldn’t be wasted.

The Death Hangout offers a podcast, a book, and coaching services. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to read our FAQs or contact us directly.

A former HR Manager for one of the Top S&P 500 companies, Olivier is French but has lived in Bulgaria, Ireland, The UK and the UAE. He is an accredited Executive/Team Coach, 360° facilitator, Author, and Podcaster. He is a father of two boys and a guitarist in an obscure indie band.

A former HR Manager in the Logistic industry, Keith has spent half his life in England and half in Ireland. He is an accredited Life and Business Coach, Training Consultant, Author, and Podcaster. He is a father of two teenagers (girl and boy) and he sings and plays bass and guitar in an alternative rock band.

Been here forever, excellent at his job and multi-talented, Death now empowers individuals to listen to their true voice and express the fire that burns within to help them be fearlessly authentic and live a passionate life. Death believes we all deserve and are capable of discovering our passion, pursuing our dreams, and making an impact on the world! Death has been featured on Today Show, Business Insider, Fox News, CNN, BBC News, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time Inc, MindBodyGreen and other leading media outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this page for real? It is just a joke, right?

No, we are dead serious (Ha Ha!) Sure, we use humor, but our message is pretty clear: We must live with death in mind.

Are you religious?

No, we are not religious, and we don’t take any religious standpoint (although we very much like the buddhist philosophy of life).

We hate labels, but let’s just say that we are agnostic to make things simple.

We welcome people from all walks of life.

Don’t you think that talking about death will somehow attract it?

No, we don’t believe this for a second and you shouldn’t either.

Nobody talks about death, why should we?

Well, that’s precisely the point. And it didn’t use to be like this before.

Death is something that will happen to all of us, and rather than wait to be on your deathbed, why not get acquainted before?

And as a bonus, you may experience how your life can unexpectedly change for the better when you are aware of your mortality.

Aren’t you just suicidal and depressed to talk about death?

Nope, we are not.

Au contraire! Although we have our own daily struggles like anybody else, we are pretty happy and content people.

I am suicidal and came across your website.

We are sorry that you feel this way.

We would never advocate suicide, and if you are contemplating suicide, we seriously recommend you please reconsider and seek help and support.

I believe we should ignore the dark stuff (such as death) and only think positive.

Well, good for you. But this is not how we as humans work. Much research shows that hiding and ignoring your feelings (including difficult ones) are causing more harm than good.

[SPOILER ALERT] And no matter how positive you are, we all will eventually die.