How many self-help books do you know that have death as a central theme?

Mmh? Exactly!

Many will just brush the subject aside, and never jump with both feet into the matter of our impermanence.
This book is different: it’s funny, thought provoking, and damn’ good!

And rather than writing another scam publication on how to get rich (we did hesitate though), we prefer to stick to Death.

By the way, our book includes amazing illustrations from the very talented Marichiel Boudwin (like the one you see above).

So, get inspired with our friend Death to make some changes and stick to them; remove debilitating fears; view life from an uplifting and enlightening perspective; discover what you really want to do, and help you find the courage to do it; face your doubts head on; get unstuck; focus on what really matters and… earn the same level of revenue (or more… or less: we are not financial gurus).

Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a 2015 interview: “I have always been extremely pissed off about the idea of death, it’s such a waste. I know it’s inevitable, but what the hell is that? Your whole life you work, you try to improve yourself, save money, invest wisely, and then all of a sudden – poof. It”s over. Death pisses me off more than ever,”
Don’t end up pissed off like Arnold, get our book!

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